Lexx fanlisting

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Lexx: the series continues the story of the three and a half crew who were introduced to us in the first four Lexx tv movies. Cluster and His Divine Shadow are no more and the crew can finally start their search for a new home.

In season two they explore the Light Universe and end up to a deathly chase by Mantrid, a former bio vizier, whose goal is to destroy all humankind. Zev sacrifies her life to save Kai (yes, even the dead need to be saved sometimes!), but thanks to a very special plant, she is reborn as Xev.

Season three takes our crew (after a few thousand years' nap) into the orbit of two planets that are at war. These planets, Fire and Water, are not like any other planets they have been to. They get to know the ruler of Fire, Prince, who just doesn't seem to die. And nobody seems to be born either..

The final fourth season happens nowhere else than in Earth. The crew gets to know mostly only bad things about Earth and they learn the hard way that other aliens are on their way too, and those aliens are not friendly! Also, the Key meets many new owners and we learn the importance of biology!

Main cast

Brian DowneyStanley H. Tweedle
Eva HabermannZev Bellringer
Xenia SeebergXev Bellringer
Michael McManusKai
Jeffrey Hirschfield (voice)790
Tom Gallant (voice)Lexx
Nigel BennettPrince
Patricia ZentilliBunny
Luise WischermannLyekka
Rolf KaniesPresident Priest