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Lexx: the Dark Zone is a mini tv series having four tv movies: 1) I Worship His Shadow, 2) Super Nova, 3) Eating Pattern and 4) Giga Shadow.

The story is about two refugees and a dead assassin who steal (well, accidently) the most powerful weapon of destruction, a living spaceship called Lexx. Stanley Tweedle becomes the captain of Lexx, because he got the Key and Lexx only obeys his orders.

The tv movies center around Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. He died 2000 years ago in a battle against His Divine Shadow. His Shadow kept Kai's body and Kai became a dead assassin without feelings or knowledge about himself. Time prophet had foretold Kai before his death that he will destroy His Shadow. In the Lexx, when he receives his memories back from a talking brain (known as a Divine Predecessor), he intends to fulfill the prophecy.

Main cast

Brian DowneyStanley H. Tweedle
Eva HabermannZev Bellringer
Michael McManusKai
Jeffrey Hirschfield (voice)790
Tom Gallant (voice)Lexx
Ellen DubinGiggerota
Barry BostwickThodin
Tim CurryThe Poetman
Rutger HauerBog
Malcolm McDowellYottskry