About me

Me and the British Museum I have already passed my 30th birthday some years ago, but I still don't feel like an adult! Some say that we should keep our inner child alive throughout our lives, but I don't know if that is always a good thing. I grew up without any siblings and just recently, I learned that I am an introvert which means I don't like to participate in big and loud events, but instead I love spending time with myself. I have pretty much always liked computers and that is my most time consuming hobby. I started making websites around 1997-98 and haven't stopped since. (anybody still remembers those midi-tunes used as a background music?)

I fall in love quite easily, especially with fictional things, such as tv characters. That is why I have so many different tv shows that I love, almost all of them are fantasy or science fiction, I'm not interested about reality shows. Sometimes I like some other more than other, but as time goes by, my moods change towards some other old favorite of mine. Another huge crush of mine is of course Michael Jackson who I fell love with when I saw him performing live in Helsinki back in 1997.

My social life is very quiet. As I mentioned, I don't need much socializing. When I see my friends, I like to see them one by one. For me, three is almost already a crowd. Honestly, I'm a really boring person who has no life! :D

Thanks for reading!